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Since , he had been a security guard for G4S Secure Solutions. After the shooting, the psychologist who reportedly evaluated and cleared Mateen for his firearms license in by G4S records denied ever meeting him or having lived in Florida at the time, and said she had stopped her practice in Florida since January G4S admitted Mateen's form had a "clerical error" and clarified that he had instead been cleared by another psychologist from the same firm that bought the wrongly-named doctor's practice.

This doctor had not interviewed Mateen, but evaluated the results of a standard test used in the screening he undertook before being hired. In , Mateen married his first wife, who left him after a few months; the couple's divorce became final in Following the nightclub attack, she said Mateen was "mentally unstable and mentally ill" and "obviously disturbed, deeply, and traumatized", was often physically abusive , and had a history of using steroids. At the time of the shooting, Mateen was married to his second wife and had a young son.

In the hours before the shooting, Mateen used several Facebook accounts to write posts vowing vengeance for American airstrikes in Iraq and Syria and to search for content related to terrorism. During the shooting, Mateen made a call claiming it was an act of retaliation for the airstrike killing of, among others, ISIL militant Abu Waheeb in the previous month.

Gunman had been seen on gay dating apps and at Orlando nightclub before shooting

He told the negotiator to tell America to stop the bombing. An unnamed police academy classmate said Mateen asked him out around , that they had spent time at gay bars together after class, and that he believed Mateen was gay. One of them said he would sometimes become drunkenly "loud and belligerent", and at other times would drink in a corner by himself.

However, according to federal law enforcement officials, the FBI suspects the witnesses claiming Mateen's homosexuality could be mistaken, and has doubts that Mateen was gay. On the day of the shooting, Mateen's father, Mir Seddique Mateen, said that he had seen his son get angry after seeing a gay couple kiss in front of his family at the Bayside Marketplace in Miami months prior to the shooting, which he suggested might have been a motivating factor. During his wife's trial in March , her defense revealed in a motion that Mateen had Googled "downtown Orlando nightclubs" and, after passing Disney Springs , traveled between Pulse and the Eve Orlando Nightclub before choosing to target Pulse.


Trial witnesses said the decision to target Pulse was made at the last minute, [] and the defense's motion argued that this "strongly suggests that the attack on Pulse was not a result of a prior plan to attack a gay nightclub. Security-camera video footage was recovered from the nightclub as part of the investigation. Following the shooting, many business venues in the United States, such as shopping malls, movie theaters, bars, and concert halls, reexamined their security procedures.

Two former SWAT members, one an active-shooter tactics expert and trainer, expressed misgivings about the three-hour delay in breaching the nightclub, citing the lesson learned from other mass shootings that officers can minimize casualties only by entering a shooting location expeditiously, even if it means putting themselves at great risk. Seddique Mateen released a Dari language video statement via Facebook on June 13 to speak about his son's actions. A June 13 broadcast from the Iraqi ISIL radio station al-Bayan said Mateen was "one of the soldiers of the caliphate in America", without indicating any foreknowledge of the shooting.

Mateen's form was among those investigated. On November 4 , it was reported that the Orlando Police Department was upgrading its equipment for officers following the shooting, since officers at the nightclub were not well-equipped for the event and therefore endangered.


The upgraded equipment included bulletproof helmets and heavier bulletproof vests. Following the shooting and a vehicle-ramming attack and mass stabbing at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio , a new federal initiative was launched, partially in response to at least one victim bleeding to death inside Pulse during the shooting. The initiative was designed to train people working at schools and other public places on how to treat injuries before paramedics arrive at the scene.

Doctors have emphasized the importance for school faculty members to stay calm and assess injuries, but also discouraged the use of more invasive emergency procedures such as removing a bullet. The FBI's Office of Victim Assistance OVA provided "information, assistance services, and resources" to the victims and witnesses of the shooting that, depending on their case-by-case eligibility, may have consisted of "special funding to provide emergency assistance, crime victim compensation, and counseling". Immediately after the shooting, many people lined up to donate blood at local blood donation centers and bloodmobile locations when OneBlood, a regional blood donation agency, urged people to donate.

Despite expressions of frustration and disapproval by a number of gay and bisexual men, and LGBT activists across the country and a group of Democratic lawmakers [] urging the ban to be lifted, FDA stated on June 14 that it had no plans to change the regulation and will reevaluate its policies "as new scientific information becomes available". Those remaining were then directed to the newly opened Orlando United Assistance Center jointly set up by the City and Orange County , which, according to the mayor of Orlando, "will stay open as long as there is a need".

The two hospitals that treated Pulse victims, Orlando Regional Medical Center and Florida Hospital, announced in late August that they will not be billing the survivors or pursuing reimbursement. The City of Orlando offered free plots and funeral service at the city-owned Greenwood Cemetery for those killed in the shooting. OneOrlando's fund administrator said that the draft has not decided whether to pay people who were held hostage but were not injured, and will take public feedback in two minute hearings to be held on August 4.

A timeline of the draft proposal was released. A total of calls to were made by victims, family members and friends of victims, bystanders, and rescue workers during the entire shooting. The letter also contained a request for scanner and dispatch recordings. The Orlando police refused to release the recordings, citing an "ongoing investigation". On July 18 , the City of Orlando released a detailed page document of OPD officers' accounts and responses to the shooting. Requests to release recordings of calls, police radio transmissions, and the exchanges between law enforcement and Mateen were denied, citing disagreements over whether they fall under local or federal jurisdiction.

The status on the authority over the recordings is pending a court ruling. On September 14 , the city of Orlando released 23 additional calls made during the shooting. A total of other calls are still being withheld by the city. On November 10 , the Orange County Sheriff's office released about two dozen videos of body camera footage of officers at the perimeter of the nightclub during the shooting.

The footage, which was heavily censored, depicted officers conducting searches of bathrooms in the nightclub and tending to survivors. In many of these calls, people who were trapped inside bathrooms, kitchens, and an upstairs office were questioning why police had yet to enter the nightclub. These calls were made during the first ten minutes of the shooting, and had to be released in the form of transcripts after a judge deemed them too graphic to be released as audio recordings.

According to a city spokesman, all calls made during the shooting have now been released to the public. The fence will feature a commemorative screen-wrap with local artwork that would serve as a memorial to the victims and survivors of the shooting. The vote was expected to be held on or before December 5. Officials have characterized the shooting as an act of terrorism and a hate crime. Mina said Mateen seemed organized and well-prepared. It instead only unsuccessfully argued she provided material support to a foreign terrorist organization. On June 13 , FBI Director James Comey told reporters, "So far, we see no indication that this was a plot directed from outside the United States and we see no indication that he was part of any kind of network ".

He said the United States Intelligence Community was "highly confident that this killer was radicalized at least in part through the Internet", [] and that the investigation had found "strong indications of radicalization by this killer and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations ". According to Senator Ron Johnson , Mateen searched online for references to the shooting during the attack, and made posts on Facebook expressing his support for Islamic State , saying "You kill innocent women and children by doing us airstrikes.

Now taste the Islamic state vengeance. The investigation was opened after he made comments to coworkers about being a member of Hezbollah and having family connections in al-Qaeda , [] and that he had ties to Nidal Hasan —perpetrator of the Fort Hood shooting —and Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev —perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing. According to new documents released on July 18 , Mateen said that he made these comments in response to "a lot of harassment" and frequent derogatory epithets made by St. Lucie County Sheriff's deputies and his G4S coworkers, who taunted and made jokes about him being a possible Muslim extremist.

The investigation was opened after he was linked to Moner Mohammad Abu Salha , [98] an American radical who committed a suicide bombing in Syria. Mateen was interviewed three times in connection with the two investigations. Both cases were closed after finding nothing that warranted further investigation.

When asked if anything could have or should have been done differently in regard to Mateen, or the FBI's intelligence and actions in relation to him, Comey replied, "So far, the honest answer is, 'I don't think so'". A little over a month after the shooting, the FBI provided more details about its May —March investigation into Mateen, which was closed after a veteran FBI agent assigned to the case and his supervisor concluded that "there was just nothing there" and removed his name from the Terrorist Watchlist.

Mateen was interviewed twice during the investigation, and had provided a written statement in which he confessed that he had previously lied to FBI investigators. During the investigation, the FBI had tracked his daily routine using unmarked vehicles, closely examined his phone records, and used two informants to secretly record his face-to-face conversations. The FBI Director said that they could have taken more initiative in gaining access to his social media accounts in , but noted that back then such checks were not yet "part of [their] investigative DNA".

However, it would not have mattered, as the analysis of Mateen's computer after the shooting showed that his social media accounts, including Facebook, had no ties to any terrorist groups, and that he did not post any "radical statements" until the early morning of the shooting. The FBI in also did not have the probable cause needed to obtain a search warrant in order to secretly listen to his phone calls or probe into Mateen's computer.

On July 26 , a Senate homeland security committee chairman sent a four-page letter to the inspector general of the U. He wrote that if Mateen had stayed on the FBI watch-list, the federal agency would have been notified if he tried to purchase firearms, in which case "law enforcement potentially could have uncovered information on social media or elsewhere of Mateen's radicalization". A bomb squad checked Mateen's Fort Pierce home for explosives. Senate Intelligence Committee member Angus King said that Mateen's second wife appears to have had "some knowledge of what was going on".

District Judge Paul G. Salman's trial took place in March In July , law enforcement officials reported that the FBI—after conducting "interviews and an examination of his computer and other electronic media"—has not found any evidence that Mateen targeted Pulse because the nightclub was a venue for gays or whether the attack was motivated by homophobia. According to witnesses, he did not make any homophobic comments during the shooting. Also, nothing has been found that confirms the speculation that he was gay and used gay dating apps; however, the FBI "has found evidence that Mateen was cheating on his wife with other women".

Officials noted that "there is nothing to suggest that he attempted to cover up his tracks by deleting files". Generally, "a complete picture of what motivated Mateen remains murky and may never be known since he was killed in a shootout with police and did not leave a manifesto". In September , an imam for a mosque in Kissimmee released video footage showing what appeared to be Mateen on June 8 , four days before the shooting, praying for about ten minutes.

The imam said Mateen was praying there with his wife and child, and had no verbal exchanges with any of the other attendants. Though the FBI was already in possession of the mosque's security recordings, the video footage was released to the public only after a series of bombings or bombing attempts in New York and New Jersey , and a mass stabbing at a Minnesota shopping mall in September At the request of John Mina, the Orlando chief of police, the U. The report concluded that the Orlando Police Department response "was appropriate and consistent with national guidelines and best practices" and saved lives.

However, as the incident became more complex and prolonged, transitioning from a barricaded suspect with hostages to an act of terrorism, the OPD's operational tactics and strategies were challenged by the increasing threat posed by the suspect's claim of improvised explosive devices inside the club and in vehicles surrounding the club. In April , the Orlando Sentinel obtained a copy of a page presentation given by Mina to some ten police groups located around the world, which discussed the OPD's response to the attack and what it has learned.

The presentation offered a comprehensive timeline of the attack and included diagrams and still photos from body camera footage showing officers in their initial confrontation with Mateen. According to the presentation, interviews were conducted, 1, leads were followed up on, more than pieces of evidence were collected, and more than people were subpoenaed.

In December , the Florida Department of Law Enforcement completed a page "after-action report" about its response to the nightclub during the shooting. Florida Governor Rick Scott expressed support for all affected, and said the state emergency operations center was monitoring the incident. The Obama administration expressed its condolences to the victims. President Barack Obama ordered that "the federal government provide any assistance necessary to pursue the investigation and support the community.

Many American Muslims, including community leaders, swiftly condemned the shooting. CAIR Florida urged Muslims to donate blood even while observing the month of Ramadan - which requires Muslims to fast from dawn to dusk - and contribute funds in support of the victims' families. The United Nations Security Council issued a statement condemning the shooting for "targeting persons as a result of their sexual orientation". It was supported by some countries that suppress homosexual behavior and discussion, such as Egypt and Russia. Many people on social media and elsewhere, including United States presidential election candidates, members of Congress , other political figures, foreign leaders, and various celebrities, expressed their shock at the event and extended their condolences to those affected.

OnePulse Foundation, a charity organization created by a Pulse owner on July 7 , filed documents with a plan to fund and build a memorial at the nightclub. The foundation is collaborating with the city of Orlando to determine the location of the memorial. In the aftermath of the trial, some media re-assessed the reactions, possible motives and media narrative of the shooting.

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You guys suffered enough. Fox It's nothing personal. I'm just tired of your people killing my people in Iraq",' Parker explained. Gunman tried to spare black people". June 14, Carter, 20 years old, had fled into the bathroom of Pulse nightclub during the Orlando massacre, and as the situation was winding down, she said the gunman told police negotiators on the phone he pledged his allegiance to ISIS and wouldn't stop his assault until America stopped bombing his country. Timeline of events".

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‘Always Agitated. Always Mad’: Omar Mateen, According to Those Who Knew Him

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