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Employed as a mailroom worker for a large Fortune company, Byron shares the struggles of being young, broke and straight. Working at a campus bookstore at a university, Joel is completing his graduate degree in health sciences. He shares his reasoning for doing occasional male on male hookups. My tuition is ridiculous. I have a girlfriend that likes to do more than just sit inside on weekends. In order to make ends meet, this taxi-cab driver in a major metropolitan city on the east coast talks about how going gay at least temporarily happens in his line of work. I learned real fast that if you pick up fares late at night in the gay area, a few of the guys will hit on you.

You can read what you want into that. A somewhat recent transplant of Puerto Rico, Jorge shares how he worked at a gay bar just to make cash under the table.

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We left Puerto Rico because there were no jobs. When we got here, someone told me about a job as a bar back at a gay nightclub. The pay was crap but you got tips. Still not much. But you can make money by getting to know people and doing things.

Maybe 3 times I did it? The most I did was let them suck me.

Gay Men Answer Sex Questions You're Too Afraid To Ask

I never sucked. Married to a woman of the same age with two small children at home, Trevon discusses how he has taken money on the DL with regulars that he knows. In this line of work, you meet different people, you know?

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Titled, “True Life: I'm A Gay For Pay Pornstar,” the episode follows two straight men who struggle to balance getting paid to star in gay porn films. Gay-for-pay describes male or female actors, pornographic stars, or sex workers who identify . The Fluffer, film about a fictional gay-for-pay actor; The Real World: Las Vegas () featured Dustin Zito, a former gay-for-pay actor.

Not comfortable sharing what we do though. Identifying as a straight personal trainer, Mike told us how he sometimes lets some of his gay clients body worship him in exchange for cash. Look, to start with I hate labels. Hey, money is money and times are hard. A recent college grad, Brian is working part-time from home doing cam shows.

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A friend of mine told me about it so I figured why not? I never show my face. Why, then, does the queer community support companies that only pull out their rainbow flavored logos, Pride floats and ad placements in the local gay magazines as a PR stunt for Pride Month?

The question above will ruffle the feathers on the boas that many companies wear annually during the month of June. LGBTQ people exist days of the year.

Basically, these actors will do what they must for the money. Our families are hidden, and our youth are pitched to the streets by shameful parents who see leading companies of the world doing the same to us year-round. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all rainbows, the international symbol for the queer community, in June.

10 Straight Guys Confess Why They Went Gay for Pay

Recently on Instagram, Dominique Jackson , the trans model and actress currently appearing on the hit FX show Pose , calls out a big brand for using her. She was asked by this popular, multi-billion-dollar brand to promote and take part in an event during June and was offered no compensation.

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Again, has corporate America adopted a gay-for-pay model? This may seem harsh, and deservedly so, but there are champions of my queer community.