Toffee dating app

Toffee app says Marlborough College has the best-looking students

But dating expert Persia Lawson says that, by narrowing their pool so much, people could be missing out on meeting that someone special.

The private school aspect makes it more about how wealthy your parents are, rather than your interests. She adds: Of course, this isn't the first elite dating app we've encountered.

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Comment posted! I know it might bring about lots of feelings but it's not meant to offend anyone. Show more comments. Gina Miller. Game of Thrones: But if you hear 'polo' and automatically think 'mints' rather than 'ponies', maybe this isn't the one for you.

It remains to be seen if the new app will make it in the dating app market. But if you hear 'polo' and automatically think 'mints' rather than 'ponies', maybe this isn't the one for you.

Toffee Announces Android Launch and Global Rollout - Global Dating Insights

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Toffee is the world's first dating app for people who were privately educated. We set it up because we know people from similar backgrounds are more likely to. A while ago, I was on a first date, via Tinder. Let's call the fella Joe. He knew I'd grown up in India and had only been living in London a few.

Ashitha Nagesh 13 April Share this: Many have criticised the app for what is seen as blatant classism and elitism, although Toffee argues it is simply filling a niche, comparing itself to the way that J-Swipe caters for the Jewish market. It is part of a trend of self-consciously elite dating apps, such as The Inner Circle which limits its usership to "successful, attractive people," and is seen as the European equivalent to the US app The League.


Asked how Toffee checks whether people actually attended a private school, a spokesman said the company performs a manual social media check. Toffee's vetting processes don't work every time, Business Insider discovered.

We created a profile and falsely claimed to have attended Rugby, a fee-paying school in central England. The profile was approved within a day. When we put this to Toffee, a spokesman responded: